My Top 15ish Favorite Anime

Note: This list was originally only 15 anime, hence the title. The reason it's grown so much longer is that I've encountered plenty of shows worth adding and it would be a disservice to remove anything from the list at this point. Today (May 14) is my one year anniversary of blogging, and I'm celebrating by … Continue reading My Top 15ish Favorite Anime

How to do Shounen Right (and Wrong)

Warning: This editorial contains minor spoilers for Naruto and One Piece. Out of the many genres in anime, there's one that's undoubtedly the most popular: shounen. The term shounen means something like "young boy" and is used to refer to anime and manga directed at adolescent and teenage boys. Shounen series are primarily action based and outdo … Continue reading How to do Shounen Right (and Wrong)