About Me

I guess this is where I should introduce myself. I’m Videogamep (or Vid, VGP etc.) AKA Skyler, the guy who runs this blog. I’m a law student in California who loves anime as a medium. I mostly write about anime (with the occasional manga mixed in) in a mixture of reviews, essays, and pretty much anything else that comes to mind. I’m also a features writer over at  The Fandom Post, as well as a former features writer for Crunchyroll. I’ve been watching anime for most of my life. My tastes vary somewhat, but I’m partial to action shows, although that’s not vital for my enjoyment.  I tend to enjoy character driven anime more than plot driven, although again, that’s not a hard rule of mine. I keep a fairly updated list of anime I’ve seen on ANN if you want a better idea of my tastes. I should also mention that I have a tendency to binge anime that I really like (my personal record is watching all of Fullmetal Alchemist in under two days) so I sometimes go through anime very fast. Aside from anime, I also enjoy videogames (shocking, I know), fantasy novels and history. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment or send me a message. The best ways to contact me are through the contact page or my Twitter if you want to chat. My Crunchyroll features go up every Thursday, but everything else isn’t on a set schedule, so keep an eye on my Twitter if you want updates on what I’m working on.