About Me

I guess this is where I should introduce myself. I’m Videogamep (or Vid, VGP etc.), the guy who runs this blog. I write about mostly anime with a mixture of reviews and shorter editorials, although I may occasionally write about other things like manga or visual novels if I have something to say on it. I’ve been watching anime for most of my life, although it’s only in the past few years that I’ve really branched out beyond the usual long-running shonen. My tastes vary somewhat, but I’m partial to action shows, although that’s not vital for my enjoyment.  I tend to enjoy character driven anime more than plot driven, although again, that’s not a hard rule of mine. I keep a fairly updated list of anime I’ve seen on ANN if you want a better idea of my tastes. I should also mention that I have a tendency to binge anime that I really like (my personal record is watching all of Fullmetal Alchemist in under two days) so I sometimes go through anime very fast. Aside from anime, I also enjoy videogames (shocking, I know), fantasy novels and history. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment or send me a message. The best way to contact me is through the contact page, although I can also be reached on Twitter if you want to chat, or Curious Cat if you have any questions. New posts come out every Saturday, although the exact type of post depends on what I feel like writing about. Episode reviews come out shortly after the episode is available for streaming, assuming I’m doing any episode reviews that season.

My Ratings

I always rate anime on a scale of one to ten, using a lot of decimal points of a whole number doesn’t accurately represent how I feel. Most of my ratings are skewed somewhat high since I tend to be a generous grader and I rarely finish anime I don’t like. That said, I rarely rate anything above a 9 since that signifies that whatever I’m rating is something really special. I also don’t give many scores below a 7 or 8 if I consider the anime in question to be worth my time. I should also mention that just because two anime share a rating doesn’t mean they’re equal. For example, I would rate an anime with a mixture of great and not so great parts the same as an anime that’s consistently good, even though I vastly prefer the former.


I try to keep my reviews as spoiler free as possible, but sometimes it’s necessary to go into detail about something to properly explain my thoughts on it. If that happens, I’ll make sure to clearly mark the section that has spoilers so anyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled can skip that part. With editorials, I’ll list the anime that I spoil at the top since I might need to go into more detail about certain aspects of an anime than I would with a typical review.